Saturday, October 16, 2010

When the cat is away, the mice can play

How long until the U.S. elections? Three weeks? Quick, quick, how much more can we achieve in three weeks? Hurry, after the election Obama will come back in force, what we don’t achieve now will never get done, quick, quick ... In the settlements hundreds of housing units were already built, and Lieberman's bill of Loyalty to the Jewish State gained a large majority in the cabinet, and also a firm Knesset speech on the Jewish state gained all the headlines, and our boys in Hebron performing a neat assassination of two Hamas people without making too much noise, and a small public insult to the European foreign ministers, well that's just routine, and we destroyed again that Negev Bedouin village, and in Silwan the head of the settlers ran over two Palestinian boys and this also got done more or less quietly, and a bit of burning of olive trees during the harvest ... How long still to the elections in America? More than two weeks left? Good. Good, so there is still time for a lot more. Kill Ahmadinejad when he is close to our border? Hmmm, this would be a great idea. On the other hand, as long as he lives, his idiotic speeches really help us with PR. No, forget about this. But 250 houses in East Jerusalem? Excellent, excellent, now is the opportunity. There will be some yelling, but until the elections in America it will be forgotten.

How long until the elections? Two weeks still? Who has some more good ideas?