Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A voice from the past

The "Loyalty Oath Bill" – latest shot in the incitement campaign against the Arab citizens of Israel. Those at the helm are prone to de-legitimize them, ultimately aiming to strip them of citizenship and leave them on the other side of the border.

And just now falls, by the Jewish calendar, the anniversary of the assassination of  Rabin. During the official memorial ceremonies scheduled for tomorrow, representatives of all parties will air the most beautiful cliches, expressing  grief and mourning and shock at the murder of a  Prime Minister in the streets of Tel Aviv.

Few will remember
or remind of the words of Yitzhak Rabin in his last interview, aired on Israeli television on the evening of  November 1, 1995:

- Host: Mr. Prime Minister, your government relies for its parliamentary majority on the vote of Arab Knesset Members. Also in order to approve the Oslo II Agreement you relied on such a majority. How do you answer those who say that a government which relies on Arabs is not legitimate?

- Yitzhak Rabin, angrily: Anyone who says that is a racist.