Friday, October 29, 2010

A week without Racism

Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, the Chief Rabbi of Safed, published a ruling forbidding residents to sell or rent their homes to Arabs. And Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, Spiritual Leader of the Shas Party, tends to the same position. Not that the distinguished rabbis are racists, God forbid. Of course not. The Rabbis just checked and found that under Jewish religious law, Jews may not sell or rent their homes to non-Jews. And rabbis are constrained, of course, to maintain the Jewish religious law.

Oren Milstein, Deputy Mayor of Karmiel, strongly called upon residents not to sell or rent their homes to Arabs, and established the Red Email to which you can inform on a neighbor known to be selling to Arabs. Not that Milstein is a racist, God forbid. Of course not. Milstein just found that the goal of Zionism is to establish towns and villages intended for Jews only, and from which Arabs would be excluded. And public officials are constrained, of course, to realize the goals of Zionism.

Supporters of the late Meir Kahane came to demonstrate at Umm al-Fahm and inform its Arab residents that sooner or later they would be expelled from their homes and that Umm al-Fahm would become a Jewish city as they were willing to explain on the radio. The National Police raised a large force to protect the demonsrators and allow them to exercise their democratic right to call for the expulsion of the Arabs. The police's weapons were directed at the protesting residents of Umm al Fahm. Heavy volleys of tear gas and rubber bullets were shot at the Arab residents and the Arab Knesset Members supporting them. Not that the police supports racists, God forbid. Of course not. The police just noticed that the residents of Umm al-Fahm were demonstrating without a permit. And the police is constrained, of course, to maintain public order.

Kahane fans also held a conference in the luxurious Ramada Renaissance Hotel in Jerusalem and called for the expulsion of all Arabs from all over the country. The hotel's management is not sympathetic ro racists, God forbid. Of course not. The hotel management just consulted its lawyers and found that the Kahanists already signed a valid contract for the event. And respectable business people are constrained, of course, not to violate contracts.

Members of the Knesset Constitutional Committee approved for the second and third readings the Admission Committees Bill, which would enshrine in law the right of state-funded communities, which get government land at next to nothing, to refuse to admit Arabs. Not that the Knesset Members are racists, God forbid. Of course not. They just checked and found that Arabs joining these communities might disrupt their social fabric. And decent Parliamentarians are constrained, of course, to maintain the integrity of the social fabric.

In the coming days Prime Minister Netanyahu is due to announce the appointment of Gilead Arden as the next Ambassador of Israel to the UN. And Arden will not have any difficulty in fulfilling his new role. Of course not. Ambassador Arden, an articulate and experienced person, will find no difficulty at all in rebutting the assertions that Zionism is racist, and showing this as the infamous anti-Semitic calumny that it is.