Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Beware of trains

It is now finally revealed why the State of Israel decided to undertake a dangerous espionage mission at the Ukraine and send agents to abduct a Palestinian electrical engineer from the Gaza Strip and take him off a passenger train and bring him to an Israeli prison. The severe charge sheet submitted to the court indicates that this is not just an ordinary engineer, but a e senior official of the Palestinian military industry, who for years took care to improve and enhance the Palestinian rockets and increase their range. As experts write in today's papers, for committing such crimes the Gaza Engineer will have to spend years behind bars.

In the military industries of the State of Israel there are is a considerable a number of engineers who worked for years to improve and enhance the IDF missile system and increase their range (not to mention those who helped develop entirely new missiles).

In the coming years, these Israeli engineers better stay out of The Ukraine, and avoid entering trains.