Friday, April 1, 2011

And God hardened the heart of Netanyahu

It happened thousands of years ago, and is still remembered and still celebrated every year on Passover, to which we will come in a few weeks. When the oppressed demanded to be set free, and their leader cried out "Let my People go!", God hardened the heart of Pharaoh and he refused and refused and refused and would not hear of letting the oppressed ones go free, and he and his people were hit with terrible plagues, and in the end the oppressed were released anyway.

Today the roles are reversed a little, and it is the Prime Minister of Israel Binyamin Netanyahu who is faced with requests and demands and entreaties to let go the Palestinians after forty-three years of oppressive occupation, and God hardens the heart of Netanyahu. No, definitely not! We will not freeze the settlements, ten months of freeze were quite enough and now they kill and we will build and build and build, and you ladies and gentlemen in Russia and Germany please take care not to vote for a Palestinian state in the United Nations, and you Mr. Secretary-General of the United Nations please do not let ships sail to the coasts of Gaza, this is no more than a provocation, our experts in the IDF have determined how many calories every resident of Gaza needs to consume and we do provide them with exactly that many calories, and no' we will not publish this data because it is a military secret, and you leftists with all your allegations of human rights violations had better shut up or we will pass a few more laws in the Knesset to gag you, and you ambassadors stop making trouble and warning of an impending disaster in September when the whole world will support a Palestinian state, no it will not happen, we will find a solution, God is great, I will deliver the Bar Ilan Speech II and also the Bar Ilan Speech III and what will I say? I will think of something, don't worry, it will sound impressive. And what about all these stories about luxurious traveling abroad? Come on, leave all that crap, these are just cheap sensationalist defamations of nasty people who try to hurt me by targeting my dear wife, and it is all nonsense and anyway everybody is doing it, and come on, don’t you see what a flourishing and prosperous economy we have, and in the end everybody will really feel that prosperity, yes once upon a time you will also share in it; and I can't say exactly when that will be but it will, for sure, everything will be perfectly all right, I tell you, everything will be perfectly all right.