Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Strawberry fields forever

In the old story, two patients at a mental hospital sat by the window, looking out. On the path a farmer was driving a donkey, from the bags on whose back a rather unpleasant smell arose.

One patient asked the farmer: "What is in these bags?" and got the reply "It's organic manure, to spread on my strawberries." Thereupon, the patient told his friend "What a world! I spread sugar on my strawberries and they put me here, and he spreads manure on the strawberries and goes free."

But this was not really the end of the story. There was a third patient in the room, who intervened in the conversation: "That's nothing. In Jerusalem there is a mayor who insists on destroying 22 houses in the village of Silwan, just because 3000 years ago King David had his garden there. And he walks free, too."