Thursday, July 21, 2011

We won!

What a victory! The war against the flotilla, one of the great victories in the annals of the State of Israel! Only one little yacht still managed to escape our remote control and set sail  from some Greek island for the shores of Gaza. Even then we did not fall asleep in our vigilance! We immediately set in motion the entire naval power of the the State of Israel. Lt. Gen. Benny Ganz, Chief of Staff of our armed forces,  gave the order in person. And the Navy's Commander in Chief Admiral Eliezer Marom took himself command of the operation, and everything worked smoothly like a Swiss watch. 
Hundreds of our renowned Naval Commandos  blocked that nasty small boat's way and swarmed aboard and took into custody all the fifteen nasty invaders on board and transported them to an Israeli jail, and tomorrow the Attorney General will ask the court to extend their detention on suspicion of attempted illegal entry to Israel. Yes, by no means will we let these people enter our country, Israel is a sovereign state which knows how to guard and protect its national borders, and therefore we will not allow anyone to sail to Gaza - not a flotilla and not a single yacht nor a raft nor even a surfboard. Nobody! No one! No one will travel to Gaza, and that's final! No one would violate Israel's sovereign borders! No one, I tell you, no one at all!

Wait a minute, what are you saying? Gaza is outside the borders of the State of Israel? Sailing to the shores of Gaza is not at all an attempt to enter Israel?  Impossible! Really? Are you serious? What makes you say such a thing? What? The State of Israel disengaged from Gaza? When did this happen? In 2005? And it was official? The Prime Minister announced it officially? The Knesset voted overwhelmingly in favor of disengagement from Gaza? A disengagement from Gaza? I don't understand, why is no one telling me anything?