Friday, May 27, 2011

I came, I made a speech, I got up in the polls .

Did you see Bibi? What a man, what a victory! How he went to America and just shoved Obama aside with these 1967 borders of his? Not exactly shoved him aside? Well, maybe not exactly, but more or less. And most important, the speech! When was there ever such a speech? Did you see how they clapped and clapped and clapped, again and again, how they got up and sat down and up and down and up and down. What power, what a great speech!  We showed them on their TV screens how all the Senators eat out of our hand, how they clap to every word and every syllable of our Bibi; the great Bibi. Arrogant? Who cares.

And what other bad news do you chronic pessimists try to produce in order to make the atmosphere gloomy? The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange has gone down because a Palestinian state is to be declared in September? Really, what do these brokers understand? And Meir Dagan said it would be better to recognize the Palestinian state because it is inevitable anyway? So he said it. Come on, so he was Head of the Mossad for ten years, so what?  And the Egyptians opened the Rafah Crossing? I always knew that you can't trust them.

In short, stop listening to the defeatist leftist media. Enough of gloomy forecasts all the time. Look what a beautiful day it is, our situation had never been better, the sky is blue, the bow pierces the waves, the band is playing on the deck and we have the best captain in the world. No wonder that his ratings in the polls go sharply up. Icebergs? What icebergs? If there is any iceberg ahead of us, it had better move quickly out of the way.