Saturday, January 1, 2011

A bit more about the rabbis

Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu is Chief Rabbi of the city of Safed (Tzfat), formally appointed by the State of Israel and receiving a generous salary from the taxpayer's pockets (also of the Arab taxpayers...) He was joined by dozens of other rabbis, the Chief Rabbis of dozens of other Israeli cities. Or rather, the rabbis whom the state of Israel has appointed to be the rabbis of these cities allocating generous salaries to all of them.

Also the person known as the Chief Rabbi of Holon, the city where I happen to live, has added his signature to the letter stating that the Arabs are foreigners in this country, and that it is forbidden to rent them apartments, and that this is a danger to life and also lowers the value of the apartments, and that anyone who does rent to Arabs should be boycotted and excommunicated. Not that I have any idea who the Chief Rabbi of Holon is, or ever had a special desire to know him, even before he added his signature to this particular letter.

This week Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu and his rabbinical colleagues held a conference in Be'er Sheva, expressing their determination not to allow the state authorities to persecute them or gag their mouths or deny them the right to continue issuing fiery racist manifestos fully paid by this country's Jewish and Arab taxpayers. With the police and courts and state authorities the rabbis will not cooperate (other than the authorities in charge of paying their salaries). If, God forbid, one of them gets fired or prosecuted, all his colleagues would then and there resign, with the specific aim of bringing about "The total collapse of the entire rabbinical system." So did the rabbis declare officially and solemnly, and let it be published in the various publications and bulletins favoring their cause.

A total collapse of the entire rabbinical system? Yes, please.