Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Bibi Trap

Wonderful, wonderful! No more freeze, not even a demand for a freeze! No need to fight the settlers, no need to fight the extreme right ministers and Benny Begin and Moshe Ya'alon, no need to bow down before Eli Yishai and offer him all his heart's desires so that he would abstain and provide a narrow majority in the cabinet. Let our friends in Judea and Samaria open the throttles and build and expand without interference. Now it only remains to torpedo the formation of a commission of inquiry on the Carmel forest fire, and we have a smooth sailing for several months at least.

What's that you say? The State Department Spokesman said that the US is still firmly opposed to settlement extension? So he said it. Nobody ever died of words. What more do you want? Oh, yes, Brazil recognized the State of Palestine in the 1967 borders. And also Argentina and Uruguay. Well, really! With all due respect, since when do these muchachos run the world? In the end this will get to the Security Council, and the Americans will impose a veto, full stop. Hilary promised me!

Wait a minute, what are you telling me now? The promise to impose a veto was conditional upon a settlement freeze? Are you kidding?