Saturday, September 4, 2010

A few square miles, so what?

"At last we meet! Abu Mazen, you are my partner! ! This is our opportunity, a historic opportunity to reach a historic compromise which will be inscribed in all the history books!

Wait a minute, what are you muttering there? What about the construction freeze in the settlements? Really, at such a historic moment you start hair-splitting and bringing up trivial details? So we will build a few houses, and the settlements will expand a bit, so what? What are several thousand acres between you and me? Well, a few square miles, so what? Stop making a problem of everything! Yes, it's true; the Jordan Valley must remain under Israeli control, and a few other fortifications and roads at strategic points in the north and the south and the east and the west – so what, we must safeguard the security of Israel, don’t we? Security above all! Well, stop nagging me! Everything will be fine, you will get a few crumbs, that's what you can have. Enough with the complaints and the moans, let's make a historic compromise at last! Don’t you hear  the wing-beat of history?"