Friday, July 16, 2010

Latest news from The Only Democracy in The Middle East

In Jerusalem, the Eternal Reunited Capital of Israel it was decided this week to build 32 publicly funded housing units for Jews only in Pisgat Zeev, so as to increase the Jewish presence in East Jerusalem.

In that same City of Jerusalem the municipality this week demolished six houses that Palestinians built for themselves with their own money , because it is necessary to enforce the law and also make life hell for the Arabs who insist on living in Jerusalem. But the huge "Jonathan House" which the settlers built in the heart of Silwan, the, Municipality decided not to destrioy. Though it is illegal, these are after all Jews and they have a lot of good friends at City Hall.

Also in the city of Jerusalem a court of law ruled that the Palestinian Parliamentarian Mohammed Abu Tir is an illegal alien in the city where he was born and lived all his life and that he should leave the city immediately and post a high bail to ensure that he would not come back. Upon Abu Tir refusing these terms, the court decided to remand him in indefinite custody.

And still in that city of Jerusalem: The Knesset, democratically elected Parliament-of the State of Israel, decided by a large majority to deprive Arab Knesset Member Haneen Zuabi of several parliamentary privileges, arguing that her views and actions were extremist. And the Jewish Knesset Member Michael Ben-Ari, declared successor of Rabbi Meir Kahane, held a celebration and prepared to launch additional measures against Arab Knesset Members.

And rabbis in the city of Tel Aviv, Israel, The Only Democracy in The Middle East, this week solemnly called upon the faithful not to rent apartments to migrant workers. This was, of course, not motivated by racism, God forbid, but because of concern for preserving Jewish traditions

And in the City of Eilat, which is also in the aforementioned democratic State of Israel, the mayor in person this week organized a large demonstration demanding that migrant workers and asylum seekers from Sudan and Eritrea be immediately expelled from his town. And also this was, of course, not motivated by racism, God forbid, but because of the desire to preserve the character of the City of Eilat.

And in the settlement of Nokdim - which the Democratic State of Israel maintains in the area which its army is keeping under occupation over the past 43 years and where the democratic Foreign Minister of Israel in person resides - it was decided this week not to allow the entry of Russian immigrants who are not Jewish according to religious law. Also there this was, of course, not motivated by racism, God forbid, but by fear of mixed marriages and assimilation. Also, it was explained to the journalist of Haaretz, because non-Jewish Russian immigrants are known to be steeped in incest and their presence in Nokdim might infect the kosher Jewish settlers with this sin.

And in the Bedouin village or Rahme which is not recognized by the Democratic State of Israel and which should not exist as far as state authorities are concerned, the state this week destroyed two houses built by two young people who were going to marry and live in them with their new wives. And this destruction did not get reported in any news media because in general the news media in the Democratic State of Israel is not interested in what happens to the country's Bedouin citizens.

And also this week the Knesset, passed, for the time being ony in the preliminary reading, the Boycotts Law which would impose severe punishment on anyone who calls for a boycott against Israel. The way things go in this country, there may be found a lot defendants to be charged under this law