Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Is this education?

General Gabi Askenazi, the Army Chief-if-Staff, is very much ashamed of his alma mater, the “Gymnasia Herzlia” in Tel Aviv. This fine old highschool, with its proud traditions, has fallen upon evil days indeed. It has fallen into the claws of that horrible principal, Dr. Zeev Dagani. A man who actually believes that teachers are more qualified to teach than the fine decorated officers which the army and education ministry send to his school. And heresy of heresies, he actually dared say on the radio that it would be better to evaluate a school by how well its graduates do in the university, rather than by how many of them join combat units in the army.
This is really insufferable. With our children abandoned into the care of the Daganis, where will we get for the next war soldiers who obey every order and kill and ask no questions?