Saturday, January 9, 2010


In an opinion poll among Israeli citizens, more than 90% said that the state of Israel is suffering from a negative image in the world.

Also Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman thinks so, and he came up with a good solution. This week Lieberman convened all the 150 ambassadors who represent Israel throughout the world and sharply berated them for not defending adequately Israel's National Honor. He instructed the gathered ambassadors to respond from now on with great firmness whenever anyone voices a criticism of Israel (which is as you know happening more and more often all over the world).

Some of Lieberman's listeners, professional diplomats with many years' experience, wanted to express some reservations about the words of the minister, but were given no chance. After reprimanding them for being too servile Lieberman departed, leaving no time for questions or remarks.

As is well known, Avigdor Lieberman started his career as a bouncer in Jerusalem night clubs, throwing out anyone whose behavior displeased the owner. By all accounts, he was effective and successful in this job. It might be a good idea for the Foreign Minster to locate among his former colleagues in the night club scene those most fitting to guard our National Honor. These should be appointed ambassadors and replace the flaccid, timid diplomats who now fill these positions. Anytime when a word of criticism is heard, our ambassador will roll the bastard down the stairs. No one will dare any more to impugn Israel's National Honor!