Monday, November 9, 2009

Preconditions in Sheikh Jarah

A few days ago it happened again, in the Sheikh Jarah Neighbourhood of East Jerusalem. The settlers arrived, accompanied by large police forces, to throw a Palestinian family out of its home and take it over. This is the fourth time that it happened. Three families are already living for several months in the street, in tents, opposite the houses which were theirs.

For the settlers, this is far from enough. Their plans are well-known. One more house and then another, one more family and then another. In the end, there will be there a wonderful new Jewish neighbourhood of the gloriously united Jerusalem, Eternal Capital of Israel.

It is all legal under the laws of the State of Israel, the Only Democracy in the Middle East. It is legal, with a kosher certificate from the honourable judges of our judicial system. Kosher but stinking.

"Let's talk without preconditions" Binyamin Netanyahu again and again implores the Palestinians. In every possible forum. And also Ehud Barak and Shimon Peres and some other well-spoken representatives.

"Without preconditions". In plain English: at the table we will go on talking pleasantly, and on the ground the settlers and their friends the police will throw some more families out of their homes. Without preconditions