Thursday, February 4, 2010

A real Israeli does not shirk

"A real Israeli does not shirk!" proclaim advertisement signs throughout the country, placed by someone with quite a lot of money (the money of donors from Israel, or from abroad?).

Quite right, too. A real Israeli indeed does not shirk doing his or her civic and moral duty. Even if it is hard and unpleasant and unpopular and at some times also downright dangerous.

A real Israeli does not shirk protesting against oppression and injustice. A real Israeli does not shirk even when the soldiers shoot tear gas at Bil'in and the police with their clubs are ready to drag Sheikh Jarah protesters to the detention cells.

Real Israelis do not shirk raising the voices when the country's army commits war crimes. And when the state authorities do shirk their duty to seriously investigate the war crimes (and seriously punish their perpetrators), a real Israeli does not shirk the duty of testifying before those who do investigate.

The Human Rights activists are real Israelis. And also those of the New Israel Fund.