Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Fitting Punishment

White Phosphorous bombs are inhumane weapons. White Phosphorous fragments burn with an unquenchable fire, sink deeper and deeper into the living flesh in all directions, causing terrible pain which often ends in a cruel death. Such was the lot of quite some inhabitants in the Gaza Strip, exactly a year ago.

Shooting White Phosphorous bombs into populated areas is an act strictly forbidden by International Law. A war crime, pure and simple.

The Israel defense forces, the most moral army in the world, found a fitting punishment for those who ordered this act to be committed: writing a note. Yes, writing down a note in a file which will thereupon be filed and forgotten in an army archive.

Such is Israel's response to the Goldstone Report. The rest of the world – except for Alan Dershowitz and Silvio Berlusconi – will fail to even laugh at the joke.