Monday, March 15, 2010

Did they change the rules?

"But why, why? Why make such a big fuss over it? After all, everybody did it all the time. All the governments did it, also Labour, also Kadima, everybody grabbed a lot of Palestinian land in East Jerusalem and built on it, a lot of houses and neighborhoods and housing projects, everything for Jews only. So why must I get such problems? For God's sake, the biggest crisis with the United States in the past last thirty five years, what did I do to deserve this? Just because of a few thousand miserable housing units in Jerusalem? And just last year I spoke with Mitchell, I spoke with Obama himself, they all promised that in East Jerusalem I could continue to build. Yes, they allowed me to build, I just had to do it a bit quietly, without making too much noise. They promised! And yes, it's true, once I slipped a bit, it did make some noise and ruined the nice party with Biden. Such a pity. But I did it only once! I admit it was a mistake, a very regrettable mistake, a wrong timing. Really, a very wrong timing. But I already apologized, even twice, and I promised that it will not happen again. I even appointed a committee of senior officials who will check where did this nasty bad timing come from. It will never happen again, I promise! From now on, we will steal Palestinian lands in Jerusalem only very very quietly, when nobody is looking. Only with the right timing. Only in the middle of night, on moonless nights. What more do they want? To break up my government?"

"The bastards changed the rules and didn't tell me" complained Spiro Agnew, Richard Nixon's Vice President, when the Watergate scandal blew up.